Man Warned After Thumb Biting Incident

Prince follows with statement of enforcement    By: Liam Marshall VERONA – Yesterday, on July 7th, 1303 at 8:52 pm in the local market place, Sampson and Gregory of the Capulet house, were accused of biting their thumbs at Abram and Balthasar, two Montague servingmen.          The Montagues  and Capulets have been feuding for generations. The families […]

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What is True Love?

True love is magic. Only few people truly experience the mystery and thrill that is love. You have to understand that love is different for everyone. Love maybe be known as an expression felt for someone we truly care about, but within the one emotion is a whole slew of different emotions taking place. One […]

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Romeo’s Perspective

My love, my sweet love, dost thou deserve a pitiful fool such as me? As I beg and plead for thy mercy, shall a goddess such as thyself bring one’s attention? Am I worthy of love? Love of someone as magnificent and glorious as the beauty you portray? I think not! I am but a […]

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Is Batman a Superhero?

                At a first glance, one conclusion comes to mind on the thought of whether or not the famous vigilante is a superhero, and that of course is yes, he is. But try to take a deeper look into the question by using attributes such as “powers” and good-doing.

               Let’s start with a definition. The definition says that a superhero is, “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers.” Now, I find that definition valid only to a certain point. You see, the word superhero comes in two parts; super and hero. Super is just a synonym for awesome, amazing, great, extraordinary, etc. and a hero is someone that puts another person or thing before themselves in a way to save them, emotionally or physically.

1939 Batman logo. 2010-06-04. Online image. Downloaded 2/11/15
1939 Batman logo. 2010-06-04. Online image. Downloaded 2/11/15

               Batman, among other things, saves people, and you can’t argue that hes not good at it. What you can argue, however, is how much good he’s actually doing. What gives him the right to blatantly disobey the law, make a mockery of the police force (like early  in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One when the police were humiliated trying to capture the Dark Knight) and expect no consequences earned by such actions?  With a mere saved-life under his belt, does that make up for the mass amounts of destruction, and other problems that he may have caused on his path to “justice?” I don’t think so. Can one even call himself a hero after these situations arise? Just because you haven’t committed murder does not mean you’re not a criminal. The only real difference between Batman and any of his foes is that Batman has some sense of morality, and even that begins to fade in the heat of battle.

               There’s no doubt in that Batman has the skills required to be considered a superhero. With years of massive amounts of training, intelligence beyond imaginable, and detective work only second to Sherlock himself, there’s no shortage in the “super” category. Heck, in the Tower of Babel storyline, written by Mark Waid, with illustrations by Howard Porter, Batman defeats the entire Justice League of America (consisting of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, the Flash, Aquaman, and Plastic Man). Even with such impressive achievements like the creation of Red Kryptonite by exposing Green Kryptonite to an extensive amount of radiation, the famous Utility Belt, and every piece of technology from the Bat Computer to the Batmobile. Even after all of that, a common problem that we keep coming back to is, to be a superhero, you must either be a mutant, cyborg, or have existential powers. I think that you can have one of them, but its not necessary and they just add another interesting quality. Batman is not alone in this category. Iron Man also lacks the defined requirements to become the stereotypical, “All-American” superhero with only his suit as his . Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne both don’t have actual powers, but the money that they earn funds the doo-dads that act as their superpowers.

Howard Porter. "Tower of Babel" 2000. Online image. Downloaded 2/11/15
Howard Porter. “Tower of Babel” 2000. Online image. Downloaded 2/11/15

Therefore, although some factors lead others to believe differently, I believe Batman to be a superhero based off of his dedication, purpose, abilities, and actions taken towards crime in Gotham. I would love to hear your opinion on the topic, so leave a comment down below on what you think! Thanks for reading, and until next time, adios!

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