Music Video to Song: Turn the Page – Cover by Metallica

Originally sung by Bob Seger, this rock song follows a grungy vibe with meaning. The song is about the side of musicians that you don’t see; the side on the road. It’s about writing songs on the rode and living alone.

You can watch the video here. (It wouldn’t let me embed the video)

The cover video starts off with a woman talking about her interest in entertainment. Later it shows her daughter waking up and getting ready for the day. They go to have food,and shes thinking deeply. After that, they drive to a building and enter through a door that says no one under 21 years of age. She gets dressed, makeup put on and gets ready to entertain. She is a stripper. She does her routine and when she is finished, she returns to the room, where her daughter is waiting for her. They go back to their motel room and get ready for bed. When her daughter is asleep, she changes clothes and walks out onto a street corner. Yes, she is a prostitute as well. She gets treated awfully, and eventually her daughter wakes up when they finish, only to find her beaten mother face down on the bed. It cuts back to the first scene, but this time she says she has no regrets and she wouldn’t change a thing if she had a chance. From the background, and the way she’s talking to the camera, it leads me to believe that she got caught, and now she’s telling her story to the investigators.

Although an interesting story, and a great song, the two of them do not relate in the slightest. one is about lonliness on the road, the other is about a mother who made some wrong life choices.

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