Least Favourite “That 70s Show” Characters

That 70s Show to most, is a fun program giving the view of life in the late 70s. Family, friends, and use of “Mary-Jane.” With eight seasons, the show grows on you. The setting, atmosphere and the characters all become part of your life. Like anything, favourites tend to seep through and create this whole perspective on the show itself.

This brings up the list of characters and their rank (in my opinion) of how well they tie the show together, provide comic relief, or any other attributes that contribute to a great television show.

I warn you, past this point, spoilers will ensue!


Randy (Josh Meyers)

Look at that face. That's the face  of the devil.
Look at that face. That’s the face of the devil.

Randy comes in the series in season eight only because Eric went to Africa, and Kelso now lives in Chicago where he works at the Playboy Mansion as a bodyguard. The show needed another character to “replace” Eric and Kelso, but they did it WAY wrong. Played by Josh Meyers, brother to Late Night host, and much better Seth Meyers, he tried to mix the two icons that left into one crappy character. Because he was introduced so late into the series, the character couldn’t develop, and therefore, sucked. The writers tried to makeup of that time by making him “more fun” and “exciting” which did not work at all. Not only that, but at one point, he somehow put the moves on Donna (Eric’s girlfriend) and won. He will forever stand as the one character from a TV show that I truly despise.

THIS IS HOW I FEEL http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=296725.36

Midge (Tanya Roberts)

Midge from That 70s Show
Midge from That 70s Show

Bob’s wife and Donna’s mom gave herself for only the first four seasons, and in that time she gave not much to the story. A hot, dumb blonde trying for equality between the genders wasn’t that funny, and it toned down the show. The parts that weren’t half bad were when her stupidity was reflected by someone like Kitty. The mother parts, when Donna needed someone were touching, but some of the best moments with Midge were when others (the guys of the group) commented on how nice she filled in that sweater of hers.


Donna (Laura Prepon)

Now, before you get mad at me for putting arguably the second most important character so far down on this list, I have to explain. Donna was a well-rounded character, but I didn’t believe that she was that great of a portrayal by Laura Prepon. I believe that she was probably the best that could have done it, and I wouldn’t swap her out for anybody, but compared to all of the characters above this list, Donna doesn’t make it. She had her moments, but the best parts that Donna had were when she was with Eric. Also, when she went blonde? That was just weird.

The night of their first kiss.
The night of their first kiss.

Bob (Don Stark)

Bob Pinciotti

Hey there, hi there, ho there! That’s pretty much it. That, and the way he says his own name. Hey I’m BAB. He plays a weak man stuck in the old days, not afraid to stand up to his wife. That soon doesn’t  work out for him, when his wife, Midge walks out on him. His emotion become the best of him. He never fails to bring attention to his style. Oh, his style. And he plays a good father figure, when Eric messes something up, because he’s sure to get his point across. Bob is just one lovable character.

It's true.
It’s true.


Thanks for tuning in and may a you can leave a comment for some of your favorite or least favourite characters!

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  1. Ugh Randy was the worst. He just showed up and everybody loved him. He took over the leadership role and everybody was fine with it even though he had no reason to be there in the first place. Another thing I dont get is why they stayed in Erics house after Randy took over. Other than that I like everyone else here but I think you should have switched Donna and Midges spots because opinion. Finally, this just summarizes everyones feelings about Randy

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